What is the Garden Tower made of?

The entire Garden Tower is made from 100% recyclable food-grade plastic. Its simple, sturdy construction ensures many years of trouble-free use. The plastic currently used to produce the composting vertical Garden Tower is food-grade high density polyethylene. We selected HDPE because it is free of BPA and other plasticizers and impurities that can become bio-available over time. In time, we plan to explore the available bio-based plastics to further reduce our footprint. No plastics in the Garden Tower contain BPA or phthalates. The tower is engineered to provide at least 7 years of resistance to UV radiation before the integrity of the tower's shell is significantly reduced; however, in many scenarios the first life of a Garden Tower could be much longer.

What is the compost tube?

The compost tube is a 6-inch diameter cylinder running down the center of the Garden Tower. The tube has numerous holes running down the entire length that allow composting worms to travel between the compost tube and the soil. The worms feed on the kitchen scraps and leave rich worm castings behind. As you water the soil, this water collects vital nutrients as it passes through compost-worm castings and collects and drains at the bottom of the unit. Garden Tower Project recommends the use of red wiggler composting worms in the compost tube; however, the addition of other types of composting worms (such as Uncle Jim's composting worms which contain several species of composting worm) will increase nutrient transport and cycling in the tower.  Night crawlers, for example, will travel throughout the soil and compost creating pathways for air and water while moving nutrients through the system.

Who is using the Garden Tower?

#1 Gardeners (and would-be gardeners) with an urban lifestyle and limited space or soil access. #2 Gardeners that appreciate the work-saving ease of container gardens, raised-beds, or vertical approaches. #3 New gardeners with an appreciation for locally produced, nutritious, and extraordinarily fresh veggies, greens, herbs and even flowers! #4 Hundreds of institutions and organizations from community gardens to women's shelters to elementary schools to housing programs to health facilities and beyond!  We offer a substantial discount for all educational organizations, contact tom@gardentowerproject.com to learn more. Cities with Garden Tower Users: USA (March 2014)