West Coast Seeds Fundraiser

Earth Connections Garden Centre Fundraising Program 2017

West Coast Seeds FundraiserEarth Connections is excited to offer any community group, association, non-profit or charity an opportunity to create a garden space through our fundraising program!

We have over 70 items to choose from in our fundraising program. All seeds and small ticket items (under $25.00) sold will generate 25% of the value for your group. For items with a value over $25.00 10% will be available for you to put towards any purchase from the available items or you can use the money towards any garden program you may have already in place.

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A chairperson will assist in items purchased through direct contact with people in your group or any individual can go on line with your special code to ensure your group is credited with the sale. At the end of your fundraising period a master form will need to be submitted by the chairperson along with payment and the order will be processed. All items will be shipped at no charge to the group address for distribution. Any orders ordered and paid for on line will also be shipped at that time. An itemized list of all items ordered and delivered along with the amount earned will be calculated and a copy will be sent to the group. This amount can be used as a credit towards any item we offer or a cheque can be sent to the group.